Stop Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Corruption

Other Moving Violation and Other Citations Received by Other Victims

This is just a quick summary of other citation abuses suffered by other people at the hands (or pens) of corrupt law enforcement. The following comments are personal opinions and stories by these people. This web site takes no responsibility for these comments.

On my first date with a girlfriend, she told me how a year earlier, a policemen had given her a verbal warning about j-walking. He said he would mail something but never did. She worries too much anyway, so I told her that if its been a year, not to worry any more. About nine months later, she received a notice that the fine had never been paid and she now owed over $300.00 (a weeks pay). This was the first written notice. When she called, they told her that they had sent a notice, but the corrupt people never did. I then advised her to pay it immediately before they doubled it again. Since she had not a penny in the world, this wasn't easy. This was in Torrance.

Ken Larson

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