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Other Parking and Moving Citations Received by the Author of This Site

This is just a quick summary of other abuses I've suffered from corrupt law enforcement.

Moving Violations

My first ticket, about 1975, I was speeding, 43 in a 35, the ticket said 48. The comment about endangering the bicycle was pure bull. I saw the bike stopped and waiting on the side street and the bike rider saw me. I would have only endangered the bike rider if I had lost control at the excessive speed of 43 in a 35 zone or if the bicycle rider had gotten tired of waiting for me to pass.

In the final days of 1983 or 4, one of California's finest, gave me a speeding ticket. I was the only car on that stretch of freeway, traveling exactly at 55, then the speed limit, and he turned on his lights while he was still on the interchange lane and didn't clock me one inch or use radar.

In the mid-80s, an LAPD decided I needed a ticket for something and kept me under close scrutiny until he made me so nervous that I made a minor mistake, then he jumped all over me. He referenced to the high traffic volume, only a few cars passed the location in the entire time he was writing me up. He claimed that I didn't look before making a lane change (which I did) and he was 200 feet ahead of me by then on a motorcycle.

The last moving violation was driving home from the museum where I had just been volunteering, the first Sunday in January about 1995. The ticket said I was going 70 and driving in the #1 and #2 lanes. When I saw him get on the freeway two minutes earlier, I looked at my speedometer and I was going 55, then the speed limit. When I noticed his light behind me two minutes later, I looked at my speedometer and I was going 55. I never left the lane I was in, was not tail-gating, passing, or weaving. I was driving textbook. I politely but firmly told him he was mistaken and he told me I was entitled to my opinion. I am entitled to my opinion that he was a jerk.

The last two moving violations I challenged in court and won both.

Parking tickets:

No permit, I had a permit. Pomona about 1976.

No parking at that time, I read all three signs and believed I could park there, Beverly Hills, about 1979.

No parking any time, I was 30 miles away, Los Angeles, about 1986. Contested and won.

Not sure why, 15 minutes left on meter, Santa Monica, about 1995.

No parking that time, sign was wrong, Los Angeles, 1999. Contested and won.

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