Stop Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Corruption

Tickets Issued to Cars Not Really There

There is a disturbing trend in Los Angeles Parking Enforcement. This is what seems to be a practice of issuing parking citations to cars that are not even parked at the location. The owners of these cars only learn of the citation when they receive the citation in the mail stating that the ticket could not be attached to the car. Even more upsetting is when the owner receives a delinquent notice and larger fine for a ticket he/she never received that was not paid in time. SLAPEC has received letters from people who received Los Angeles parking citations and have never been to Los Angeles.

How does this happen? Simply the parking enforcement officer takes note of details of cars legally parked, driving, or from DMV records, and write tickets that are complete fabrications for other locations and times. It is so much easier than doing the legal job. It's similar to when the CHP gives a speeding ticket to car that isn't speeding because it's easier to catch.

What you should do when this happens to you:

  1. First, as unfair as it is, pay the fine immediately because it will just get bigger if you don't. Be sure to write "contested" large and clearly on the payment and include a letter. They like to pretend they didn't know you were contesting and enter it as a conviction.
  2. Gather any evidence you might have that the car wasn't at the location. Repair records, parking receipts, witnesses, records that you were at work or school. Anything.
  3. Fight it. You were wronged by someone who earned another brownie point.
  4. Write to the Mayor and City Counsel. Write to Parking Enforcement. Demand that this practice stop.
  5. File a formal complaint against the officer. He/she committed a crime and should go to jail. Why should you pay a penalty when the officer committed a crime.
  6. Let this web site add your testimony to the list. Let others know they are not an isolated incident.

Only by standing together and demanding reform will the illegal actions of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement end.

This is a typical letter, unfortunately one of many.

I received a letter in the mail today stating that I got a parking violation on 10-07-10 in LA. I have not been to LA in many years. I am single and nobody drives my car but me. Because of this fact I got online to see if it was a new scam, and it is. But the difference is if you don't pay they can mess with getting your car registered and your credit. I will do what is suggested on this website and send my letter on March 17th, 11.
My son takes his driving test on that day with my car, I hope this does not mess that up. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories, please write back if you have any success fighting it

KK: 3-5-11

This practice must end!!!!

The 2010 California Vehicle Code, Division 17, Article 3.5, Sec. 40202(a,b,d) explicitly states that the ticket must be placed on the vehicle, and may only be delivered through the mail if the car is driven away while it is being ticketed.

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