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This web site began when I received a parking citation next to a sign listing the wrong prohibited time. Confronted with evidence of the error, instead of the city correcting the sign and dismissing the citation, the city corrected the sign, and then enforced the citation since the sign was now correct. The city went as far as suggesting that I photographed the incorrect sign before the sign was corrected and before the citation was issued, as if I had the clairvoyance to know what was coming. Then after the judge ruled in my favor, Parking Enforcement refused to return my money saying the judge was wrong. The criminal arrogance of the city not to admit its mistake frustrated and infuriated me and lead to this web site.

Mission Statement

This web site is dedicated to exposing dishonest and corrupt practices committed by Los Angeles Parking Enforcement officers. This site wants to encourage victims to fight back - legally.
Our goal is to bring a class action suit against the City of Los Angeles and use the award to begin a formal organization to support victims and file additional suits. Our goal is to make it safe to legally park in Los Angeles, without fear of receiving unjust citations.
Breaking News:
Being Careful Isn't Enough
Ryan receives ticket while on Naval ship in the Atlantic, Heather receives 12 tickets in 6 months from places she's never been.
Parking Extortion, how does this happen?

Ryan was parked on a Navel base near Fresno. Heather never received a ticket on her car or by mail. Parking Extortion, you need to reexamine your belief of your perfection.

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Los Angeles is a corruptacy, not a democracy.

It's time for an 'American Spring' and take back our democracy from the 'corruptocrats'.


City of Los Angeles: stop corrupt and fraudulent parking enforcement practices...

One letter from SLAPEC is ignored. Hundreds of letters from you are less ignored.
City of Los Angeles
Our wonderful Mayor
Los Angeles City Counsel
Los Angeles Parking Enforcement (sorry, they don't have a complaint department - they think they are perfect)

File a Complaint

SLAPEC believes that a number of parking enforcement officers are committing criminal fraud by writing citations where they know that no violation has occurred. They enter false information on citations to cars legally parked or often, cars not even present (mailed citations). SLAPEC urges all victims to not just contest the citation, but also file a complaint against the officer. Charge the officer with criminal fraud. Maybe we can weed out the worst of these criminals. We all have to do our part to free ourselves of these vermin.

SLAPCE does agree that the guilty should be punished. In the case of many parking citations, the innocent are being punished by the guilty while the guilty continue punishing more innocent people. This has to stop!

There is growing interest in filing a class action suit. If you wish to be included, I need your name and contact information.
Victims! You are not alone. Read what others have said.
And in other cities.

Mailed Tickets - Aren't the Cars There to be Ticketed?

Tickets issued to cars not really there.

BEWARE: The "I am wrong, I'll tear up your ticket" trick.

Beware "Revenge Tickets"

Always check the address.

In order to issue tickets to legally parked cars, Enforcement Officers often falsify the address of the violation, listing a nearby address where the car would be illegally parked if really there.

Always verify the listed address is where you were really parked and fight if you are innocent. Only when these criminal officers are exposed by repeatedly challenging them, will they be punished (like they are falsely trying to do to us).


As the City looks for money, there has been a sharp increase in bogus tickets.
The City is issuing increasing numbers of tickets by mail to cars that aren't really there.
There is nothing to prevent an officer from "making it up" as long as he/she can get the information, maybe when you are legally parked somewhere else. Maybe the officer should be required to take photos.
Be careful, if you get one, follow these suggestions, fight it and complain loudly.

Always mail your payment and request to contest the citation by Certified Mail. Parking Enforcement often claims items arrived late or not at all and increase fines or disallows (illegally) a hearing.

This might help

Hey there - just wanted to let you know about an App that I feel helped me win my case at a recent Admin Hearing - "Lab for iPhone". It stamps every photo taken with the date, time, and GPS location.

I hope someone else is able to find the info helpful!


So next time you get a bogus ticket stating a false time or location, try this hint from Stephanie.

Jeff B. suggests this...

I would add to your list of suggestions that people with legit parking citation complaints pay a personal visit to their councilperson's office and talk with a Deputy in the office about the issue. After the Gold Card scandal, the office will not actually be able to get your ticket dismissed (which they should never have been able to do anyway), but they often have a good contact at Parking who might listen to reason. I had this success recently when a friend had parked very slightly inside the line of a cross-hatched van access no parking spot, and even was told that the citation writer "needed more training." But the real point is that the City council might take greater interest in this if it gets more complaints about truly bogus tickets. The problem is that a lot of what they hear is just whining over legit tickets. They need to hear about the bogus ones.

I'm not upset that the occasional innocent mistake happens. I am upset that there is a real probability that some 'mistakes' are intentional. Regardless, the back of the ticket explains several ways to easily pay the fine, but not how to contest the citation. A phone number is given with a menu with options to pay the fine, but not to contest the citation. I spent over an hour on the phone. The system is designed to encourage victims to pay the fine, but to discourage victims from contesting the citation. This is what needs to be reformed. Also there needs to be a way to weed out the truly corrupt ticket writers.

A parking ticket is an infraction punishable by a fine. Parking Enforcement is committing fraud and fraud is a felony punishable by prison time!!!

I have received many e-mails from other people who feel that they too have been wronged by this corrupt parking enforcement system. If you would like to add your name to a growing list that I am compiling, maybe someday we will file a class action suit against Parking Enforcement. The more names and evidence, the more likely our success.

If you are upset about this situation, contact the Mayor's Office and the City Counsel and demand an investigation and true reform. Tell them that Parking Enforcement is law enforcement, not revenue collection.

It's not too late to go to court. They give you a short time to contest, but you can still contest. Yes, I once had to go to court to explain why I was late (I never got the citation and it was late the first I knew about it) and ask the judge to let me go to court, but I went to court and it was dismissed. Parking Enforcement doesn't want you to go to court and tries to stop you, but you have the right for a year.

Parking Enforcement Lies

Parking Enforcement often tells the victims of its dishonest officers that the victims to not have the right of a trial. This is a lie. The United States Constitution guarantees that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

If Parking Extortion tells you that it's too late, that's another lie. You have up to a year. Don't give in, that's what they want, that's why they do everything they can to delay you.

Parking Extortion says that a ticket is proof.
A lying law enforcement officer is not proof of a crime, it is a crime.

An article in Westways magazine, June 2011, provides important information about "Broken Meters."

"Whether it's lawful to park at a broken meter varies from city to city..." The article states that in Los Angeles 10-12 % of parking meters are broken. Some cities prohibit parking at a broken meter. "Santa Barbara County allows it - but for a maximum of 45 minutes. Los Angeles and San Diego allow it - except at the new meters that accept both coins and credit cards." This sounds confusing to SLAPEC. The city could post the rules on the meters, but most of the time it's nearly impossible to read the hours of operations through the scratched plastic covers. SLAPEC advises to be careful. Don't "chance it." Park somewhere else if possible. And don't hesitate to contest every invalid citation.

Most upsetting letter of the month
I had to write you.I have gotten nowhere with trying to contest a fraudulent parking ticket. My husband was parked in the 6100 block of Wilshire Blvd.At 4:00pm the lane turns into a traffic lane to ease traffic on Wilshire. My husband was coming out of a two hour long Dr's appt and it was 3:55 He knew he had to get to the car by 4. He is 48 and is disabled due to a spinal injury. Thank goodness he can walk but cant run. So he gets out front and sees Parking Enforcement and a tow truck. He whistles gets both of the gentlemans attention says thats his car and he is coming. He had two minutes. No cars stopped to let him cross Wilshire so he went to the corner and waited for the light. When he came to our car he could see that the guys had hooked it to the tow truck. It's 4:00pm on the dot.. Maybe 4:01. And they said to my husband they would unhook the tow truck and not give a ticket if he had 150.00 cash to pay them. Well he didnt have enough so he phoned me and asked if I could run some cash to him. I said no,thats criminal. So they towed him away. And wrote the ticket at 4:06pm. So they would have waited for me to bring cash..that would have been alright.That night wrote a long letter contesting the ticket. I got a reply back saying that the 21 days had passed and I could no longer contest. I showed them that the ticket was given on 3/15/11 and the reply I got back from them was 4/06/11 and how did they figure that to be more than 21 days? Their reply was we never sent that to you. I said yes you did its your address at your standard form 245.So with each letter I get which is only standard form 245 I send a reply which I think they read and dont want to hear about corupt officers so they toss them in a circular file :). I havent paid the ticket because it started out close to 200.00 for the ticket and close to 300.00 to get it out of the impound yard. I called, and get nowhere except for them saying I reached the maximum penalties on the ticket. I am disgusted and don't know where to even begin going up the chain of command. I have written the City Attorney Offices..And hear nothing back. Any suggestions would be great. I now have a ticket that is 365.00 And, I don't have the funds to pay that. I have a husband on SSDI and two daughters and every penny is accounted for. I would have no problems paying a ticket if I thought that it was valid. My thoughts are this. They saw the disability plaque...and thought they would extort money. My husband made it to his car on time. It took the 6 additional minutes to write the ticket and tow thew car. I am so angry about this and feel like I am getting nowhere with the system.

ATD wants to pass along this web site.
"Do you know of this website? If you post it more people will be able to do something about their wrongfully issued tickets."

This is what LA Parking Enforcement thinks of this web site.
Received: 1-8-08

This message is from , (not stated)

Do you realize how much time and energy you're wasting on this? There are a million other people who get tickets and everyone has a reason or excuse.

I'm sorry but creating a website to trash someones job doesn't seem fair. You went through what you went through, get over it. We all make mistakes.

S-Pk 12

My response:
Where would we be if George Washington or Patrick Henry had just paid the tea tax and gotten over it. They want us to pay the extortion money and get over it. A lot of innocent people are hurt by these false charges and "getting over it" only allows it to continue. Wrong is wrong, even when wearing a uniform and a badge. A bully is a bully regardless of position. The officer who gave me my ticket didn't make a mistake, he knew the sign was wrong. They make the mistakes and want us to pay for it.

What you should do:

  1. Always pay the fine as soon as possible.*
  2. Write "Contested" on the check.
  3. Include a letter requesting a declaration by mail or a trial.
  4. Follow through.
  5. Appeal if necessary.
  6. If you think it was wilful fraud by the officer, file an official complaint.
  7. Put them on the defense.
  8. Make noise.
  9. Complain to the Mayor.
  10. Complain to the City Counsel.
  11. Tell the media.
  12. Do anything you can to bring the abuse to light.

They will not stop their illegal practice until THEY are punished.

*Your fine will only increase while you fight it if you don't pay first.
An interesting video about street cleaning - student film.

After receiving a notice in the mail from the city attorney's office that a ticket which I was never made aware of (by either having a ticket on my car or receiving a reminder notice) had more than doubled, I refused to let it go. I found an old news report on the web, which stated Robert Andalon was interested in any fraudulent parking violations. I contacted Mr. Andalon, who is the Chief Management Analyst of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation Office of Regulatory Services. After several weeks, my original fine was reinstated, all penalties dismissed, and the ability to request a hearing reinstated. I do not know how to disseminate this information, so I am letting you know so that you can help others.


As you can see from these photos submitted by W. Stevens, Parking Enforcement can park where you and I can't.

As you can see, Parking Extortion is allowed to park in Handicapped spaces.

On 2009 May 20, KCAL Channel 9 1PM newscastt, Jimmy Price, a. Los Angeles Department of Transportation manager of some sort, was interviewed. Mr. Price flat out stated that LADOT Parking Enforcement employees "never" issue a parking ticket in error.

This is true. They commit fraud intentionally.

I decided to hold off on the letter writing campaign until after the city elections since the recipients may change. Lets get ready to write the letter once the new City Counsel members come to office.

Letter Writing Campaign

We are going to try something here.
If you have been a victim of Parking Enforcement or know anyone who has, try this.
Start now, but on Thursday, March 17, 2011, write a letter to the Mayor and all City Counsel members, letter to the editor of the news paper.
Demand an investigation of LA Parking Enforcement. Tell your story. I don't want to do a form letter, every one should be personal.
Spread the word. Tell your friends and family. Tell anyone you know who has gotten a ticket.
Start now. Have it ready. Mail it on March 17, 2011 (Saint Patrick's Day). You have a month to write it and spread the word.
Mail it on Saint Patrick's Day and then celebrate the green - and keep your green in your wallet.
Let's all mail it the same day.

The citation that started it all
Other Citations

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